Staff Members

The backbone of our organization. They’ve been around for a while, they know what they’re doing. They scoff because they’ve seen it all before. They eat a sandwich, because they’re hungry and stuff. And why not? They’ve earned a sandwich. They worked hard to secure the sought after title: Staff Member.

Adam Hribar*

Allan Labanowski *

Ben Fogle *

Beth Collier*

Brad Rinehart

Connor Rigney

Eli Gardner

Hannah Wagner

Hareesh Menon

Jacob Conrad

Jacob Wright

James Wagner *

Janie Beaufore

Kevin Knipe *

Lauren Moliterno *

Mary Lavelle

Phillip Sanderell

RG Barton

Ryan Wires

Stavroula Pabst *

Travis Filicky *

William Best


* denotes Senior Staff Member: a distinction that recognizes exceptional dedication to comedy writing and The Sundial as an organization.