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The Sundial Podcast 2.0: Episode 13 – Buckeye Standup Comedy Club

In this episode of the podcast, hosts Lauren and James sit down with Evelyn Troutman and Ian Gray, members of Buckeye Standup Comedy Club to talk about comedy and the upcoming comedy variety show: The Great Friday Show. Hosts: Lauren Moliterno, Senior Staff Member James Wagner, Senior Staff Member Guests: Evelyn Troutman, Buckeye Standup Comedy Club Ian Gray, Buckeye Standup Comedy Club Image by: RG Barton, Senior Staff Member Theme song by: Phillip Sanderell, Senior Staff Member Edited by: Ryan… Keep Reading

17 Ways to Start an Essay

Just in case you’re having a little trouble getting down that first paragraph, here are a few words of advice. The I In With Considering There This An As When If Over It A Many Someone Whether –Hannah Wagner, Senior Staff Member Keep Reading

The Sundial Podcast 2.0: Episode 12 – Whiskey Bear Comedy

Click HERE to listen on iTunes! Hosts: Lauren Moliterno, Senior Staff Member James Wagner, Senior Staff Member Guests: Dustin Meadows, Whiskey Bear Comedy Founder Peter Brieck, Local Comedian and Whiskey Bear Comedy Performer Jackie Shreves, Sundial Alumna and Whiskey Bear Comedy Performer Theme Song By: Phillip Sanderell, Senior Staff Member Image By: RG Barton, Senior Staff Member Edited By: Ryan Wires, Staff Member Keep Reading

Review of Kangaroo Jack

This is a movie with a kangaroo and money. Cory from Cory in the House grows up to be the dad from ABC’s Blackish and he is friends with Vern from Stand by Me. Anyways, they work for the guy from Deer Hunter and he asks them to deliver $50,000 to Australia. When the duo reaches Australia, tone puts their jacket on a kangaroo. The kangaroo then hops away with the jacket. The money was in the jacket. So, the… Keep Reading

An Advertisement for Post Grad Friends

WANTED: CREW OF POST-GRAD FRIENDS As a recent college graduate, I’m unsure of how adults are supposed to make friends. I assume that they meet people by approaching them at the post office, attending book signings, or waving at each other in round-a-bouts. However, I have never used the mail, cannot read text longer than an Instagram caption, and am afraid of circular traffic mechanisms. Also, I’ve been told that the population of the Iowa town I’m moving to after… Keep Reading

An Open Letter to My Club Penguin

To my dear Chubbles620, After March 29th, 2017, this crazy life we built together will be but a cherished memory. I could only wish to be half the penguin you were. I wouldn’t take back these 9 and a half years for the world. You helped shape the person I am today and I will never forget the lessons you taught me. So, I’m writing here today to thank you for a mere fraction of the wisdom you bestowed upon… Keep Reading

Men’s Room

(Click to enlarge the image) –Written by Alex Arman, Contributor, Illustrated by Grace D’Avanzo Keep Reading

Review of Thelma & Louise

This is the first movie review I am doing for an Oscar-winning film. I think. It’s for Sydney Lawson,* she loves movies. Anyways, this is a movie about girls in a car. They kill shoot a bad guy and then drive away. There is this one scene where the grandma from The Lovely Bones smokes while cooking in a diner. It was the 90’s so that was okay. Then later, she shoots a car radio. Also, the mom from Stuart… Keep Reading

Ode to a Beast

Thou still beautiful queen of phenomena,         Thou child of science, unnatural some may say,  A mathematic chaotician, who warned them        Life finds a way:  What prehistoric beauty resides within the park?        Of blood cells or magic, or of both,                 In attempt of power or of wealth?         What beasts or gods are these? What chaos in dark?  What mad pursuit? What struggle to escape?                 What deserving party? What strong power?    Unheard cries are sweet, but those… Keep Reading

I Don’t Have But I Do Have

I don’t have long hair but I do have money for a nice weave I don’t have friends but I do have Netflix I don’t have good grades but I do have connections *wink I don’t have life plans but I do have a whole year left to get it together I don’t have a boyfriend but I do have Big Time Rush I don’t have a social life but I do have cable I don’t have rich parents but… Keep Reading

Trump To Take Unexpected Vacation Over Spring Break

President Donald Trump has recently disclosed his plans to the press regarding a surprise decision to take a hard-earned vacation to the Oval Office. Donny T, who has been putting in long hours working on his expertly crafted 140-character nuggets of truth while slaving away at his modest Mar-A-Lago Resort (recently renamed from the Mar-A-Lago-Trump-A-Rama-Gluten-Free-Dolphin-Free-Wait-Never-Mind-Actually-100%-Organic-Free-Range-Dolphin Resort), claims his “revolutionary progress on immigration reform” and 2-stroke improvement on his golf game has earned him a break in calm, idyllic, totally-not-protest-riddled Washington… Keep Reading

Wanted: Roommate

Hey, Facebook group, my name is Thomas Niedermeyer and I, like you, am an incoming freshman here at Apache State University, let’s go, Gauchos! See how much school spirit I have? I’m hiding that I didn’t get into Brown and am overcompensating for the fact that I’m going to my safety school. So obviously, considering my profile picture where I, in a light-blue oxford and khakis, am leaning up against a rustic, red-brick building, I think I’m the absolute hottest… Keep Reading

A Real Poem

A Real Poem Let’s talk Let’s chat Have interesting conversation You know what’s awesome Poems Poems are great This poem is not great It’s pretty terrible honestly I need something original Outside the box Something crazy and cool I have no idea what to do I hope you still consider This thing a poem I’ll add some imagery To reward you for reading this far The blue sky turned to dust As the rain clouds rolled in There. Now it’s… Keep Reading

Lesser Known St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

Everyone loves celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, whether they’re Irish or not. Most people know the simple traditions, like wearing green and pinching everyone who isn’t, but do you know these lesser known St. Patrick’s Day Traditions? Green beer Dye your dog green (we don’t know why, you just have to) Eat corned beef and cabbage and then consequent leftovers for the next week Wear green and yell at anyone who doesn’t. Never talk to them again. Throw a potato out… Keep Reading


Florida Hot, Why the fuck is it so hot? Why did I come here? this place sucks I mean the people here voted for Trump so… On top of that Bugs are everywhere why, why? Shit! That alligator is like 30 feet away I heard they crawl like super-fast Why couldn’t I be at Disney-world? That place is awesome Hard to believe that it’s located in Florida Florida Fucking Florida It’s not even beautiful Why can’t I go to a… Keep Reading

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