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7 Songs I Wish Were in Baby Driver

If you’ve seen Edgar Wright’s smash-hit Baby Driver, then you’ve probably also been listening to the great soundtrack, most likely from your old school iPod and your Apple headphones. However, there are definitely 7 tracks that could have given the movie, and it’s subsequent playlist, that extra oomph. 1. Boy Problems by Carly Rae Jepsen This jazzy-pop bop would be that perfect addition to the movie! 2. Boy Problems by Carly Rae Jepsen “If you’re gonna go then go” is… Keep Reading

Rejected OUAB Events

This year, OUAB brought a lot of notable people to Ohio State and hosted incredible events for OSU students, but not all of their ideas came to fruition. In fact, most of OUAB’s event ideas are scrapped simply based on their corresponding hashtag. Here are some of the event ideas OUAB scrapped in 2016-2017. #OUABasic. Put down that Pumpkin Spice Latte and pick up a rifle. President Trump has declared war, and OUAB is hosting basic training for all you… Keep Reading

Sunny’s Tips to Make Your Summer 🔥🔥🔥

Tired of the same boring dates this summer? Day drinking by the pool and going out and drinking can only be so exciting. These tips should add an extra element of surprise to your summer lovin’. 1. Don’t wait 45 minutes before eating in the pool. Ignore this old wives’ tale and live life on the edge. Make sure you have that big, fat, foot long Subway Italian BMTTM before you hop into that public pool to cool off. The… Keep Reading

Surviving Summer with No AC

So check it out. Global warming- it sucks. I’m aware. I’m currently spending my summer stuck in hell (Long Island with no AC.) I’m trying to stay positive and I figured I’d use my experience and give out a few tips for those stuck in a similar situation. Ice in front of a fan- This is a CLASSIC trick. Just get a nice box fan and set it up in your best window. Fill a bucket with some ice and… Keep Reading

Share-A-Coke Back With More Options!

With Summer in its prime, Coca-Cola is excited to unveil even MORE fun-filled options to choose from with their Share-A-Coke Campaign. With an array of new additions, you’re bound to find a cool, refreshing Coke that fits your upbeat Summer lifestyle! #ShareACokeWith… The Waitress that says, “Is Pepsi okay?” – No. It will NEVER be okay and she clearly knows that. Your Ex-boyfriend –  But throw the bottle at his stupid head. You were too good for him, Jenny! That… Keep Reading

Joey Chestnut Pukes and Rallies for Next Eating Contest

After finishing his 72nd hot dog in 10 minutes, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut has been named the Champion of the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Daniel Cadence, a witness to the spectacle said he was, “confused and slightly offended.” He remarked that Chestnut’s ability was “disturbing. Oh God, someone please just make it stop. No man should be forced to witness the carnage and insanity that ensued. I thought this was supposed to be family friendly.” Cadence then grabbed two… Keep Reading

“Rap”sody on a Summer Job

Pt 1: The Note In case you find this terrible note Know that I was the one who scribbled and wrote This poem about the hellish endeavor That bones did break and my brain, absent from clever At United Dairy Farmers off of 275 Is where I did anything but thrive. Scooping ice cream for the cigarette-stained obese Pooping for a half hour, day dreaming for rain to clean this place, Of the rude, arrogant, mistakes of creation Who come… Keep Reading

Summer, a poem

I’m hot and sweaty, that’s attractive There’s no school so that may be a plus Who are you kidding, you’re bored and you know it Are you going to go to the pool and get sunburn for the 50th time? Keep pretending you like when it’s 100 degrees outside You don’t, we don’t have to lie to each other You want it to be fall so you can secretly drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte I won’t tell Anyway, back to… Keep Reading

Short Letters From Objects in My Apartment

Dear Reader, this piece was not originally intended for Sunny’s Sunny Days of Summer. However, I’ve added some summer themed content, so that you’ll barely be able to tell the difference between this and a piece that’s actually inspired by the season of summer. Toothbrush Buzz Lightyear to Star Command, I am sorry to announce that I will be retiring as the toothbrush of earthling, Andrew Chaffins, effective immediately. Although I have enjoyed my time on earth immensely, it’s time… Keep Reading

Summer Expectations v Reality

Summer is here and you know what that means, buying illegal fireworks and expecting not to chafe in short shorts! We build the summer up in our heads all year, only to find it wasn’t all we made it out to be. Let’s take a look at a few summer expectations, versus the summer realities, shall we? Expectation: Make s’mores with friends. Reality: Fail to build a fire. Get 9 splinters. Burn yourself on a match. Go to urgent care… Keep Reading

All the Shade You Will Need This Summer

No need for sunscreen, I’ve got plenty of shade to cover you. Umbrella – They aren’t just for when it’s raining. You need an umbrella to protect you from the harmful rays. You’re not special – Your parents lied to you and themselves when they gave you a false sense reality. Tree – Find a nice big tree to lay under while we still have them. She is out of your league – Please don’t waste her time or your… Keep Reading

Things To Do In Your First Summer Post-Graduation

Sleep. You never really realize how much fun sleep could be until you don’t have any homework to do, tests to study for, or really anything to do. Apply for jobs. Most of your time, when you’re not sleeping, should be spent applying to job after job after job. It’ll all pay off eventually! Preparing for job interviews. You never know when the day will finally come when you get asked for your first job interview! And when it finally… Keep Reading

Review of Drake & Josh Go Hollywood

This is when Drake and Josh go to Hollywood. It is actually a documentary, that’s why the actors have the same name as their characters. So, the story starts when Drake and Josh have to take their little sister, ICarly, to the airport. She is supposed to be visiting Colorado but they accidentally put her on a plane to LA, because that happens. Then the brothers also go to LA to get her. On the plane ride, Josh sits with… Keep Reading

Common Children’s Gifts and What I Imagine Their Adult Equivalents Could Be

Children: A Speak & Spell Adults: Any electronics with a speech-to-text feature Children: A stuffed animal Adults: A taxidermy rabbit that was shot by a cousin who hunts Children: Barbie salon toys Adults: A heavily layered haircut Children: Harry Potter books Adults: A very thick mystery novel where the author’s name is printed much larger than the title Children: Stickers Adults: Stamps Children: A Dora the Explorer: Learn Spanish computer game Adults: A cheat sheet for how to pronounce the names of… Keep Reading

6 Reasons Nick Jonas is Still Your Dream Man

Seriously? You clicked on this? Honestly, I’m not really surprised at all but like this is just about the worst time waster on the internet. And I have to WRITE these for a living. Honestly, I hate this job. Coming out of college as an English major was tough, and I took the first job I could get. I never thought I’d end up writing for a shitty BuzzFeed knockoff as a kid but here I am. I wrote a NOVEL. Can’t an editor… Keep Reading

The Sundial Podcast 3.0: Justin Golak

Justin Golak, a Chicago-based standup comedian and Ohio State alumnus, joins us to discuss his experiences at OSU, how he got started in comedy, and his advice to younger comics (namely, that they drop out of college and accumulate a large amount of credit card debt). Justin also talks about his upcoming show at Shadowbox, Music & Comedy, with Matt Monta at 8:00 PM on June 20th. Hosts: Elijah Saiger – Senior Staff Member Archie Barton – Senior Staff Member Guest: Justin Golak… Keep Reading

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