Check out these hilarious videos, produced by those titans of cinema: The OSU Sundial Staff.

Death is just the next chapter in life. Spend it among people you trust. New Beginnings Cemetery, accepting new patrons today! -Elijah Saiger, Staff Member

Welcome to the Sundial’s Annual Shameless Self-Promotion Night! In honor of our 104th anniversary, our goal for tonight is to make it to 1,104 followers on Facebook! So invite your friends, have them invite their friends! And check out our live feed! Come check us …

The Sundial Humor Magazine is desperately in need of fans, and they will do literally anything to garner your support. Whether it’s a tribal sacrifice or an improvised flash-mob, they’re bringing you along for the ride as they embark on a journey in search of …

Collin Gossel and Bri Forney made some videos to advertise our Live Show on April the 5th at 8pm in The Baker Hall West P-Space. They’re kind of the best thing ever, so you should take a look.        

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