This is the only place on the site where we don’t try to be funny. We’re very passionate about our music and we hope you enjoy it. No, stop that, it’s not a joke! We’re angsty, ok?! –Lyrics by Lauren Moliterno, Senior Staff Member and Performed by Allan Labanowski, Senior Staff Member –Lyrics by Adam Hribar, Senior Staff Member, Performed by Allan Labanowski, Senior Staff Member

Alrighty then… Intro: I’m living in the Bread Winner Bakery Doing something clean to it Making cakes faster than anybody You’ve ever seen do it Shouts to the Bakers Oven got a ding to it I guess every Sue Chef Need her own theme music … To hear this incredible piece of music, click on the blank space just to the left of the time stamp where a play button SHOULD be. -Bri Forney & Ben Fogle, Senior Staff-Members