R.L. Stine

Jovial Bob Stine pictured second from left.

Jovial Bob Stine pictured second from left.

Along the road to Goosebumps fame, R.L. Stine served as Editor-In-Chief of The Sundial for three years during his time at OSU. From 1963-1965, he went by “Jovial Bob” Stine and was known for his hilarious hi-jinx and spot-on social commentary, which were both published in the The Sundial (in its paper format, sold for 25 cents).

A prolific humorist, Jovial Bob often wrote entire issues of The Sundial, and could be found at all hours of the night slaving over the next edition, determined to push each issue as close as possible to perfection. Your current Sundial staff strives to keep up with this precedent of efficiency.

One word which sums up Jovial Bob’s stint as Editor-In-Chief: Commitment. Famously, in his last several months before graduation, he launched a write-in campaign to become President of USG under the promise that, if elected, he would graduate and do absolutely nothing. Though he lost to his opponent (who was running otherwise unopposed), ole’ Jovial Bob garnered over 1,200 write-in votes from the student populace.

Mr. Stine is very close to our hearts at The Sundial, encapsulating many of the comedic ideals we reach for a half-century later and actively helping us to relaunch our organization several years ago, when OSU got its act together and remembered how much it loved WRITTEN comedy.