A Letter to a Mailman from Sam


Dear Mailman person,

I’ve noticed lately how hard you work delivering the neighborhood’s mail and I just wanted to write you this letter to celebrate your effort. Day in and day out you work tirelessly to deliver the mail, regardless of rain, snow, or shine. Because of you I’ve gotten important mail that improves my daily life. I am just so grateful that there are great people that work as hard as you to make sure that the post will be delivered on time and to the right person or address. I… um. I just think that. I really like that. I appreciate—

Mr. Mailman person. Can I be real with you for a second? To celebrate Labor Day, my 8th grade Social Studies teacher Mr. Herbert is making us all write letters of appreciation to public service workers. There was a list of about 27 possible jobs to celebrate, and being alphabetically last, I got stuck with you. Don’t get me wrong Mr. Mailman person, I respect you. I really do. I just don’t care for your chosen profession. My Mom say that you waste gas driving around big, environment killing trucks. You waste paper delivering things that could be DMed or emailed. You waste my time with all of the stupid junk mail. Even robo-calls are more interesting than the Modern Marvels monthly calendar you keep delivering to our house even after repeated cease and desist calls. In fact, the only reason the United States Postal Service is a government agency is because they couldn’t find any company that wanted to take on the burden of running you. In capitalist America they couldn’t find a single person who wanted you. Why couldn’t you be something cool like Amazon Prime or even FedEx? I could write pages and pages of praise to those guys. Amazon prime is a lifesaver.

Speaking of lifesavers, let me tell you some of the jobs I would rather have written a letter for. Danni Adams got to pick first and she chose Firefighters. Firefighters! Have you ever met anyone who was so much as indifferent to the idea of firefighters? That’s not all. Joey McMunn picked in the middle of the pack and even he got Transportation Director. Not that I ride the city bus, but I’m sure it delivers more than worthless junk mail. And worst of all? Annie Yoder picked one before me and got Garbage Man. What I wouldn’t give to write a letter to our Garbage Man Walter. He is super friendly and really does an underappreciated job that is a necessity of society.

Anyway, I’ve hit my 450-word minimum so I’m allowed to stop writing now. I hope you find a better job Mr. Mailman person. Thank you for all that you do. We really appreciate your dedication to our community.

Best wishes,

Sam (8th grade student at Tyler Middle School)

-Hannah Wagner, Senior Staff Member