Haikus From My Boring Business Class


eight in the morning
financing and logistics
and not precious sleep

doctor leigh enters
monotony incarnate
wielding powerpoints

here we go again
more rambling about markets
i would rather die

read this business book
because you need to know more
worthless platitudes

i think she just said
synergistic management

stare out the window
see your life rush past your eyes
miss a quiz answer

what does this chart mean
so many arrows yet no
sense of direction

cavemen had it made
except for all the running
that would suck i guess

are we close to done
i say yes the clock says no
prisoners of time

stakeholder requirement

someone peeks over
i hide these notes but too late
a disdainful glare

fifteen more minutes
so close yet so far away
all becomes a blur

my phone brings release
trade one screen for another
this one has twitter

hear her call my name
respond with panicked nonsense
feel my face turn red

i should change majors
or colleges or countries
anything but this

her words cease at last
lift my bag to my shoulders
and get the fuck out

-Ryan Wires, Senior Staff Member