Discuss: An Analysis


For Allan

It’s another day and Allan is bored. Several friends refuse to play Spontuneous with him, because the game quickly becomes unfun when he is 15 spaces ahead of everyone. He takes to social media, much like my 77-year-old grandfather to pose philosophical questions to his acquaintances. It begins with either a vague or extremely specific topic and the comments are left to offer opinions. What ensues is a notification nightmare for the average human being but not for Allan. Responses range from one word to complex government document in length. Allan takes notes and responds with his own opinions. The post eventually breaks down to several different discussions until people are bored or remember that there is a paper due at 11:59 that night. Allan is proud of himself. He will do this again in a week, and it’s very likely he has already made a post for today. Congratulations Allan, you gotten people to interact with each other on a social media platform used mostly for stalking. You save the world one post at a time.

-Mara Sydnor, Senior Staff Member