Secret Santa Gifts and Their White Elephant Equivalents


Secret Santa: A copy of your favorite book with a little, handwritten note about the joy this particular book brought to the gift giver.
White Elephant: The old copy of that book they used to read until they got ketchup on pages 14-16, 18, and 178.

Secret Santa: A collection of old photographs and memories of the two of you lovingly collected in a sweet scrapbook.
White Elephant: A box full of old photos and trophies that the person really just wanted to get rid of.

Secret Santa: A snow cone making set complete with all of the flavors and those cute little paper cones.
White Elephant: A bowl of ice that has melted by the time it’s unwrapped.

Secret Santa: Some cozy socks and a sweet pug mug.
White Elephant: Their old socks and a mug that no longer holds liquid.

Secret Santa: A new video game that’s been out for just long enough to meet the price cut off.
White Elephant: An old game for the Nintendo Virtual Boy

Secret Santa: Personalized winter door decorations that incorporate little fun facts about the person you’re gifting them to.
White Elephant: A door.

Secret Santa: That thing that’s been on your wish list forever, but you thought everyone had forgotten you wanted.
White Elephant: That thing that you don’t want. Like really don’t want.

-Hannah Wagner, Senior Staff Member