Supernatural Fan Fiction


Disclaimer: I have never seen an episode of Supernatural. Nevertheless, here is my Supernatural fanfiction. Enjoy!

The One Where They Fight Spooky Monsters

Sam, Dean, and Misha Collins were driving down Transylvania Avenue when they noticed a spooky glow in the distance.

“What is that spooky glow?” Said the always astute Sam.

“I don’t know.” Said Misha Collins, who was useless to the team and never provided any information of value.

“Probably a monster that will be fun to fight.” Said Dean, the one who thought fighting monsters was fun.

The gang and Misha Collins drove down to the spooky glow and got out of the car.

“There’s nothing here.” said the very stupid Misha Collins.

“Try opening your eyes.” Sam shouted.

As Misha Collins opened his eyes, he saw a very scary looking Werewolf directly in front of him. Misha Collins screamed, like the coward he was.

“Quick Dean, grab the werewolf gun.” Shouted Sam.

Dean pulled the werewolf gun out of his pocket and fired a single shot into the Werewolf’s head.

“Ouch.” Said the Werewolf, as he fell to the ground.

“Well, looks like another job well done by the Supernatural brothers and Misha Collins.” Dean gloated, always the show-off.

“Wait,” said Sam. “What is the Werewolf doing?”

They turned to see the Werewolf holding an amulet.

“Carpe Diem.” The Werewolf yelled, and then he died.

“What was that?” Misha Collins asked. “It sounded like some sort of ancient Egyptian incantation to summon the spirits of the dead.”

For once, Misha Collins wasn’t wrong. As the Werewolf cast his nefarious spell, a crack appeared in the soil, and out poured the most terrifying spooky monsters the world has ever known.

“Oh no!” Shouted Dean. “It’s Dracula, the Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Blob, ET, a Clown, A T-Rex, Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s monster, Frankenstein’s Bride, Frankenstein’s Mistress, Frankenstein’s goofy neighbor Dougie, and our racist Grandma.”

“How will we defeat all of these spooky monsters?” Asked stupid Misha Collins.

“Don’t be stupid, Misha Collins.” Said Sam. “We will simply have to utilize our brotherly sexual tension to unleash enough energy to kill them.”

“We have sexual tension?” asked Dean. “Isn’t that kind of a taboo? I’m not into incest.”

“Stop talking about incest and have sex with me.” Sam said to his brother. “It is the only way to defeat these spooky monsters.”

So the two demon hunters did a passionate sex in the forest, as Misha Collins watched and wondered if anyone would ever unleash their sexual energy with him. Of course, such a thing would never happen to a character as auxiliary as Misha Collins.

The potential energy of the brother’s sexual tension reached its maximum power of 11 million Sex (sx). The spooky monsters began to show signs of irritation.

“Ouch.” Said the Mummy.

“Roar.” Said the T-Rex.

“Koo-Koo Ka Choo” Said Dougie, causing everyone to laugh at his hilarious catchphrase.

“Sam!” shouted Dean, “Our sexual energy is not enough, we need 11,000,001 sx in order to kill the spooky monsters! What do we do?”

“I could help!” Misha Collins offered, before being viciously bisected by racist Grandma, who had snuck up behind him with her prized katana.

“Ouch!” said half of Misha Collins as he died of being cut in half.

“Seeing Misha Collins die has provided me with just enough energy to power up our Sexometer to 11,000,001 Sex!” Sam celebrated.

All of the monsters died. Before he died, Dougie made sure to say his iconic catchphrase.

“Looks like another victory for the Supernatural brothers!” said Sam Supernatural.

“Yup!” said Dean Supernatural. “Time to collect our paycheck from the mayor.”

“I’m dead” said Misha Collins.

– Eli Gardner, Staff Member