Top 5 Spook-tacular Halloween Party Themes


Halloween is the perfect time for all things terrifying, and a Halloween Party is the perfect place
to display your sense of scary. Whether you’re 9 or 99, here’s a list of spooky party themes that
are sure to be the talk of the town.

1. Pumpkin Patch
Ages: 0-10+
Number of People: 20-30
Possible Locations: Outside in the crisp fall air
Description: A cute patch for the little pumpkin in your life. Complete with a hayride
and pumpkin painting contest (a safe alternative to children using knives), your perfect
pumpkin party will be the talk of the town.

2. Monster Mash
Ages: 9-99+
Number of People: 30-50
Possible Locations: Any space big enough to fit all of your mad monster mania!
Description: This is our most inclusive party and requires little planning on your part.
Perfect for a busy parent or a lazy childless aunt that was roped into planning the event
for the PTA of her niece’s middle school. Have the invitees dress as their favorite
monster and don’t forget the ‘blood’ fruit punch and gummy fingers.

3. Murder Mystery Dinner Party
Ages: 21-60+
Number of People: 5-10
Possible Locations: The local creepy mansion on a foggy hillside!
Description: Looking for a more exclusive and grown-up party? The murder mystery
dinner party theme is just right for you! Be warned, this party requires the most prep.
Before the party, make sure to come up with cute aliases, cook a fancy dinner of at least
three courses, and commit a murder. The most important part is the timing of the
murder. Too soon and the body will start to rot before the party. Too late and you don’t
have time to clean up the crime scene. Afraid of blood or gore? Try the Arsenic and Old
Lace plot expansion.

4. Living Your Life Without Love
Ages: 35-99+
Number of People: 1
Possible Locations: Your single bedroom, half-bath apartment that you call the
‘Bitchelor P@dd’ as a coping mechanism for how consistently devastated you are.
Description: A chill party for those who prefer crushing self-loathing to jump scares and
excessive gore. Instead of witches and spiders fill up your bedroom with programs from
friend’s weddings and screenshots of breakup texts. If you’re feeling particularly festive
you can browse Pinterest for couple’s costumes that you’ll never be able to wear. Make
sure to buy a few extra boxes of tissues and a bottle or three of wine, you’re going to
need it.

5. The Exact Moment of Your Death
Ages: 15-99+
Number of People: 1-20
Possible Locations: Venues range by event. Anything from a hospital room to a back
alley is appropriate, but don’t forget to add your own flavor. If you’re stumped you can
always ask yourself, “where would be the most disappointing and/or graphic place to lay
down and die?”
Description: This party theme is the ultimate in customization. Much like the location,
the max number of people and the age range are mere suggestions here. Anyone can
die anywhere at any time, and that freedom is reflected in the lose planning of this
party. Mors vincit omnia!

-Hannah Wagner, Senior Staff Member