Thoughts from the Guy who Wears a Beret in your European History class

  • Bernie should have won
  • It’s really annoying how Marx dominates discussion of socialism, like what about (insert totally butchered name of a Russian left-anarchist that lived in the late 1800s)
  • There it is again. See, why do people on Twitter always make fun of white guys in trench coats. They look is classy
  • Business idea: An army jacket that’s as long as a trench coat. A perfect wedding of the suave coat with the rugged army jacket that is functionally ready for the impending violent worker’s revolution
  • Damn, I sure hope Comrade Nick got his brother to snag us some vodka. I want to drink what my working-class brothers did when they were killing those fucking Nazi’s
  • I bet I’m the most well-read person here
  • Weird how the professour (yes, that’s how he spells it in his head. No, he isn’t a 1700s British student) isn’t using more complex grammar to show us that he’s smart
  • Maybe this is one of those cases where someone in power seems capable just because they’re in power

Welp, there’s class, time to go hand out flyers on The Oval and then get my news from The Young Turks

– Connor Tragesser, Contributor