Local Mom is THIS Close


DAYTON – Kristen Henry-Jacobson, 38-year-old mother of two almost snapped Saturday afternoon. After listening to her two children scream about who gets the copy of The Emoji Movie to watch on the trip to Grandma’s house, Kristen had to pull the car over. Her two children, Braxxtin and Mikaley, were witnesses to the events following.

“She held up her hand and made that little sign with her fingers about half an inch apart to let us know exactly how close she was,” said Mikaley, 10.

“I’ve never seen her fingers so close together when she gets like that,” Braxxtin, 8, followed, “I thought for sure this would be the moment she banned our personal iPads in the car. I mean can you imagine car rides after that?” Mikaley raises her eyebrows and tugs on her collar in response.

Following a long, 2 ½ minute stare between Kristen and her two kids, she started the car back up and continued the drive. Mikaley kept the copy of The Emoji Movie and Braxxtin settled for Good Will Hunting. “Matt Damon is incredible,” Braxxtin felt the need to add on; a statement that most of society would happily agree with.

Kirsten is currently taking a kickboxing-pilates crossover class to help with her nerves. She did share one thing before walking into her class, “I never was a huge fan of Good Will Hunting.” Her husband, Kyle, who was also in the car at the time declined to comment stating, “I don’t get involved in conflicts between the two parties.”

-Samantha Blevins, Staff Member