Review of Max Keeble’s Big Move



IMDb Rating
Chili Scene
Causing Irreversible trauma
0 /10

This movie is about moving. The main character is the kid from Home Alone 3, who is Max Keeble, I think. He is friends with Josh Peck, from that Hollywood documentary, and that redhead from House. So Max is in 7th grade, even though he looks like he’s six. His parents decide to move because his dad got promoted. And like, Max is bullied a lot. There is this one scene where Josh is in a trophy case then he throws up chili all over himself. But it turns out that wasn’t supposed to be in the film, that was unscripted. Josh actually locked himself in that trophy case with a mouthful of chili. But, I forget how Max gets bullied. He gets thrown in the dumpster or something. There are a couple bullies, but the main one is Mickey from Shameless back before he lost his shame. Also, I’m pretty sure the ice-cream man and principal bully Max which seems illegal, no matter when this movie was written. Anyways, since Max is moving he decides to get revenge on his bullies. He does some stuff and gets some plans then fights the bullies. First, he gives one guy severe mental trauma. Second, he accuses the principal of being a crossdresser. Third, he definitely drops a truck on the ice-cream man. After this, Max’s dad gets fired or something and then they don’t move so Max has to fight. The ending scene is really longwinded. It begins with the bullies trying to hit Max but then the redhead and Josh lead the band who are playing “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Then the football team throws the bullies in the dumpster.  Then animals come and attack the principle and he gets fired. Then Max becomes a mailman I guess. IMDb gives the film a 5.4 which seems fine. Thank you.

-Brad Rinehart, Staff Member