Rejected OUAB Events


This year, OUAB brought a lot of notable people to Ohio State and hosted incredible events for OSU students, but not all of their ideas came to fruition. In fact, most of OUAB’s event ideas are scrapped simply based on their corresponding hashtag. Here are some of the event ideas OUAB scrapped in 2016-2017.

#OUABasic. Put down that Pumpkin Spice Latte and pick up a rifle. President Trump has declared war, and OUAB is hosting basic training for all you bitches.

#OUABowlcut. Get a fresh ‘do from OUAB! We’ll put a coconut on your head, grab scissors, and give you a cool summer haircut. Free with your student activity fee.

#OUABang. Show your patriotism at OUAB’s annual Fourth of July orgy-fest. One condom per BuckID.

#OUABitch. Bring your feral dogs to the Ohio Union to get spayed! One dog per BuckID!

#OUABoatsBoatsBoats. Sink or swim in this nautical OUAB event on the mighty Olentangy River.

#OUABlasphemous. Join OUAB in mocking all things sacred in this exclusive panel discussion between devil’s advocates.

#OUABarMitzvah. The only OUAB event for 13-year-old Jewish boys. Watch them get hoisted in chairs by Brutus Buckeye and curse Michigan in Hebrew!

#OUA(Plan)B. Make your summer the summer of love, then join OUAB for this last-minute birth control event.

Travis Filicky and Lauren Moliterno, Sundial Alumni; Abbie and Casey, guest writers