Surviving Summer with No AC


So check it out. Global warming- it sucks. I’m aware. I’m currently spending my summer stuck in hell (Long Island with no AC.) I’m trying to stay positive and I figured I’d use my experience and give out a few tips for those stuck in a similar situation.

Ice in front of a fan- This is a CLASSIC trick. Just get a nice box fan and set it up in your best window. Fill a bucket with some ice and put that bucket in front of the fan. Works like a charm! Try out dry ice if you’re feeling spooky.

Stay hydrated- There’s no joke here. 8 glasses a day people.

Fun tank tops- Get flirty and fun with some nice tanks. They keep you feeling cool and you’ll look great. Fellas that means you too. Also, stop calling them bro tanks. Face it, it’s a damn tank top.

Peel your skin off- You know how they say to layer up in the winter? Well, it’s time to do the opposite!

Push Pops- These things are so darn refreshing and they give you a nice escape from the heat. On a controversial note, I prefer the chocolate ones.

Fucking move houses- Just get out. Find some air conditioning. Love yourself.

-Samantha Blevins, Staff Member