Share-A-Coke Back With More Options!


With Summer in its prime, Coca-Cola is excited to unveil even MORE fun-filled options to choose from with their Share-A-Coke Campaign. With an array of new additions, you’re bound to find a cool, refreshing Coke that fits your upbeat Summer lifestyle!


  • The Waitress that says, “Is Pepsi okay?” – No. It will NEVER be okay and she clearly knows that.
  • Your Ex-boyfriend   But throw the bottle at his stupid head. You were too good for him, Jenny!
  • That Break-Dancing Hotdog from Snapchat – Oh yeah, kids. Coke likes to stay “with it.”
  • Your Dead Grandpa – Share a nice moment and pour this ice-cold drink over his grave! #RIP
  • Not a Cop at a Street Protest – Because only complete IDIOTS would think that magically solves everything. (@Pepsi @KendallJenner)
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – If the opportunity actually presents itself to share with “The Rock” like why wouldn’t you? Even just to be able to say you did, you know?
  • What’s-His-Face – For that person you just quite can’t remember their name…A-Allan? uh, Adam? Oh God, which is it?
  • A Newborn Baby – Babies can probably drink Coke. It’ll be fine.
  • No One – For those sorry losers that have not a single soul to share a bottle of Coke with, this one’s for you!

-Mary Lavelle, Staff Member