All the Shade You Will Need This Summer


No need for sunscreen, I’ve got plenty of shade to cover you.

Umbrella – They aren’t just for when it’s raining. You need an umbrella to protect you from the harmful rays.

You’re not special – Your parents lied to you and themselves when they gave you a false sense reality.

Tree – Find a nice big tree to lay under while we still have them.

She is out of your league – Please don’t waste her time or your own.

Taylor Swift is a snake – This one is just a fact.

However, Katy Perry’s recent album is terrible – They can both be horrible, who figured.

A Large Hat – Portable shade for the win.

My Twitter Account – @Oreohead13, as you can see from this list, I don’t have a filter.

-Mara Sydnor, Staff Member