Things To Do In Your First Summer Post-Graduation


You never really realize how much fun sleep could be until you don’t have any homework to do, tests to study for, or really anything to do.

Apply for jobs.
Most of your time, when you’re not sleeping, should be spent applying to job after job after job. It’ll all pay off eventually!

Preparing for job interviews.
You never know when the day will finally come when you get asked for your first job interview! And when it finally happens, you’ll already have a list of weaknesses ready to go!

When you have nothing to wake up early for, every day is Saturday!

You won’t BELIEVE what you can put in ramen!

Watching Netflix.
You can finally watch every episode of every television show you’ve ever wanted to watch. Cheers to graduation!

Wearing workout clothes to get coffee.
Nothing looks better than wearing your best gym clothes to Dunkin at 1pm. You’ve just been up for so long and had a very productive day! At least that’s what it looks like.

Enjoy the last summer of your life where you have nothing to do before you start working.

-Lauren Moliterno, Sundial Alumna