Review of Drake & Josh Go Hollywood



IMDb rating
Relevance to 4th of July
Pretty car girls
Drake and Josh’s broken relationship

This is when Drake and Josh go to Hollywood. It is actually a documentary, that’s why the actors have the same name as their characters. So, the story starts when Drake and Josh have to take their little sister, ICarly, to the airport. She is supposed to be visiting Colorado but they accidentally put her on a plane to LA, because that happens. Then the brothers also go to LA to get her. On the plane ride, Josh sits with some large chicken-eating rednecks before moving to sit with a literal international criminal. They trade off-brand iPods. When they land, Josh goes to the bathroom and shows a guy in the stall videos on his laptop. Turns out the guy is into that stuff and asks if Drake can play his music on MTV. ICarly is staying in the most expensive hotel room and Tony Hawk is there too. Anyways, Josh finds out his iPod is now a device with dollar blueprints. This causes bad guys to chase them. A car chase happens and stuff goes on, then they get kidnapped and thrown in a room in a warehouse with these international criminals. They are printing money. But, they have to escape because they are going to miss the MTV show. Also, because taking down a group of terrorists is the American thing to do and this is about the Fourth of July.

To escape, the brothers get a board and a lamp and smash them on the guard’s heads. And honestly, the guys must be made of steel because they do not even flinch. Like, they should be hurt. Since they are not hurt, Drake and Josh are tied up and thrown in the middle of the room with a pair of scissors and a sandwich. Suddenly, ICarly comes in and turns on a fan. BANG money is flying, people are fighting, ICarly bashes a guy’s head in with a fire extinguisher, and the FBI shows up. Also, Tony Hawk gives Drake his cool car and pretty girls. They race to the movie studio with the cops and cause a car accident. They both go “Woah!” when two random people probably get hospitalized because of Drake’s music dream, which says a lot about Hollywood. Next, Drake plays on MTV so he can be famous. The movie ends with them driving with the pretty Tony Hawk girls. It’s never stated, but I think they are driving to a 4th of July barbeque hosted by Walter. IMDb gives it a 6.9 which is low for a documentary. Thank you.

-Brad Rinehart, Staff Member