Review of The Parent Trap



IMDb Score
Dennis Quaid’s Performance as Nick Parker
Deleted Scenes
Effectiveness of Trapping Parents

This is a movie about twins and trapping your parents. It starts when these girls meet at camp and they look like each other. But, they can’t be twins because one is from America and one is from, I think, Australia. The American twin is played by the girl from Herby Fully Loaded and the British one is played by that red-head from Mean Girls. Anyways, turns out they are sisters. They eat Oreos and peanut butter. They each have half of their parent’s wedding picture too. Then they cover some girls in string and honey… Or maybe one twin does that to the other? Then the South African girl jumps into the lake naked. They don’t show anything though, so back off. Next, they go home but with the wrong parent. I think this is the trap. Something like “trick our parents into taking the wrong kid then get them for negligence.” It’s either that or they want their parents to get back together and be happy again.

So, they are at the wrong house and it turns out that DENNIS QUAID is their dad. He played Tom Hamilton is Soul Surfer, Ethan in A Dog’s Purpose, Jack Hall in The Day After Tomorrow, and soon to be George W. Bush in American Crime Story. So, Dennis Quaid is their dad and their mom is someone who isn’t famous anymore. Dennis Quaid shows the mom his wine collection. I think Dennis Quaid’s character has a fiancée. But the sisters try to drown her on a camping trip. Then she tells Dennis Quaid that he must choose between his daughter and her. Like is she stupid? So, she’s gone and then the mom and the Australian girl go back to the UK alone. Dennis Quaid realizes that this marriage must be saved—dare I say… he has fallen for the parent trap. So anyways, Dennis Quaid and his daughter fly on the Concord airplane and beat the mom to the UK. Finally, they get married on a cruise ship. IMDb obviously give it a 6.4 overall, but I give Dennis Quaid’s performance as Nick Parker a 10. Apparently the film has a ton of deleted scenes. Most of them make no sense. Like in one the British twin meets the queen? Why is that relevant? All in all, Dennis Quaid is a great father. Thank you.

-Brad Rinehart, Staff Member