Review of Spy Kids 3D: Game Over


    This is the third movie in the original Spy Kids trilogy. By now, we all know the characters and their special kid spy skills. This movie is cool because it is 3D and about video games. This movie has so much stuff in it, I bet it’s over three hours long. Anyways, turns out Big Time Rush’s girlfriend is lost and TJ Taylor from Wizards of Waverly Place has to find her in a virtual reality video game. But like, his grandpa helps because he can walk in the game. They surf on lava and he meets these other cool kids who are actually losers that the CIA hired to fight this bad guy, the “Toymaker.” Also, they wear these big power suits. Oh, wait, the movie starts in a theme park. Also, TJ Taylor likes this girl who is not real. Also, I think she is “The Guy” who also isn’t real, but both die anyways. Then they escape the video game with Carmen because I think she is TJ’s sister. The grandpa like locks himself inside though. Then the giant robot monkeys from level 8 in the game are in the real world. So, the CIA calls all their friends and family to murder the robots. They have to wear 3D glasses to see the robots though. There’s a cowboy too. Anyways, turns out the Toymaker is Rambo and the grandpa makes him regret his life and they become friends. The movie ends with everyone putting their hands in a circle. I don’t care what IMDb gives it because it’s a 10. I know it is, like, there is a part where Steve Buscemi rides a flying pig. Thank you.

Brad Rinehart, Staff Member