An Open Letter to My Club Penguin


To my dear Chubbles620,

After March 29th, 2017, this crazy life we built together will be but a cherished memory. I could only wish to be half the penguin you were. I wouldn’t take back these 9 and a half years for the world. You helped shape the person I am today and I will never forget the lessons you taught me. So, I’m writing here today to thank you for a mere fraction of the wisdom you bestowed upon me.

  1. When Life Knocks You Down, Get Back Up

Life can throw its obstacles at you. Or in your case, penguins can throw snowballs at you. But you’d brush the snow off and pelt a snowball right back at the face of those bastard penguins. You were relentless. When you were competing in a sled race and would clumsily trip over a stupid rock, you didn’t give up. You kept sledding until you crossed that finish line even if it meant you placed last. In any moment, I feel defeated or kicked down, I will not stay down. I will get back up as you bravely did and stand strong. For that, I thank you.

2. Dance Like No One’s Watching

Oh, how you danced. It didn’t matter where you were. You could be at the nightclub or you could be on that desolate iceberg. Anywhere you were, you knew how to light up a room with your dance moves and be blissfully yourself. When I struggle to find confidence within myself, I’ll think of you dancing in the middle of a crowd unafraid of what other penguins may say. For that, I thank you.

3. Seize Every Opportunity

It wasn’t easy being a non-member penguin being surrounded by member penguins. But you did it with a smile. When you first started on Club Penguin, you had nothing. You were bald and had no clothes. You couldn’t go to the shopping center and buy fancy clothes like the rest of the cool, member penguins. That didn’t stop you. You made sure to seize every opportunity you could at scoring free clothes, shoes, or anything else available. Here you stand today covered head to toe in clothes you earned. I will always remember to take advantage of any opportunity life presents me. For that, I thank you.

4. Put your heart on the line

You were never afraid to take a chance on love. When you saw a beautiful penguin, you never hesitated to boldly waddle over and ask them, “boy or girl?” I saw you go through countless breakups, but you never gave up on love. When you loved, you gave it your all. You would send that heart emoji out. Sometimes you would receive a heart emoji back and even an invite back to a penguin’s iggy. Other times, you wouldn’t receive one back. But you taught me that unreciprocated love is a part of life. When I find that someone I love, I’ll put my entire heart on the line. For that, I thank you.

5. You Can Be Anything You Dream

You were everything and anything you put your mind to. You never limited yourself or your capabilities. Tour guide. Secret Agent. Father of 2 puffles. Blackbelt in Card-Jitsu. The list is infinite just as your dreams were. How could I ever doubt myself when I look to you and see that anything is entirely possible. For that, I thank you.

Chubbles620, for this and for countless reasons more, I thank you. It’s been an incredible journey. When I started the account, I was a naïve, little 10-year-old looking for cheap thrills. But I got so much more than I could have ever bargained for. Disney could put a hefty price on that monthly membership fee that we could never afford, but they could never put a price on the years we’ve spent together. Because those, by God, those are priceless. Disney may take away the treasured website that brought us together, but they can never take away the part of you that will always be with me. My only wish is that Club Penguin Island is a total flop and we make them curse the day they ever tore us apart.

But I don’t want this to be about them. This is about us. You and me ‘til the end. From the laughs to the lessons, I’ll carry your memory in my heart.

                        Waddle on and God bless,


-Mary Lavelle, Staff Member