Lesser Known St. Patrick’s Day Traditions


Everyone loves celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, whether they’re Irish or not. Most people know the simple traditions, like wearing green and pinching everyone who isn’t, but do you know these lesser known St. Patrick’s Day Traditions?

  • Green beer
  • Dye your dog green (we don’t know why, you just have to)
  • Eat corned beef and cabbage and then consequent leftovers for the next week
  • Wear green and yell at anyone who doesn’t. Never talk to them again.
  • Throw a potato out your car window while driving down a busy street to raise awareness of the infamous potato famine and to recognize how far we’ve come
  • Punch a stranger in the face to celebrate all of the past year’s bar fights
  • Pour a Guinness on anyone celebrating who isn’t Irish
  • Wear an Irish flag around your shoulders to remind people you are, in fact, Irish. (so they give you a Guinness and don’t waste it)
  • Always keep a shot of Jameson in your shot glass necklace (it is mandatory to be wearing one)
  • Burn a box of Lucky Charms to denounce unfair beauty standards of Leprechauns
  • Work hard to convince people Leprechauns are real
  • Throw a parade because you fucking deserve it

-Lauren “It’s Okay, I’m Irish” Moliterno, Senior Staff Member