Review of The Luck of the Irish


    This is the quintessential St. Patrick’s Day movie. Ian Thomas from Pretty Little Liars plays basketball. He’s like in 8th grade and has some coin. Somebody takes the coin and he becomes a leprechaun. This is because his mom is Irish and his dad is from Cleveland. He talks in his head too. But anyways, Kyle can’t play basketball because he is short but his grandpa helps him. Also, his grandpa is some immortal leprechaun. He and Kyle must get the coin back from some creeper, Seamus, who is like the Irish devil or something. He lives in an RV and steals all these coins which are luck for Irish people. At one point, Seamus is driving and screams “Oh, ye better hold on!” and proceeds to run over one cardboard box. Later, some girl talks about how Americans don’t give up and they can defeat Seamus because he is not American, I think. Then they get the coin back and curse Seamus with the worst fate known to man—they trap him in Lake Erie. For some reason, Kyle dances for his school. Then everybody sings “This Land is Your Land,” because they are all Americans now. IMDb gives it a 6.3 which is really wrong. It can also be rented on Amazon video for $2.99, which is a little too much for this. But, if you have a rainy-day-fund, go ahead and enjoy this classic on St. Patrick’s Day. Thank you.

Brad Rinehart, Staff Member