The Sundial Podcast 2.0: Episode 9 – Fishbowl Improv


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In this episode of the podcast, hosts Lauren and James sit down with Fishbowl Improv members Humza Bashir and Matt Loxley to discuss the difference between long form and short form and discuss they’re favorite (and least favorite) short form games. Then later, after a short commercial break, brought to you by fan favorite Hareesh Menon, Lauren and James are visited by Pam and Theresa, two lovely ladies from the outskirts of Atlantic City on their road trip to pick up their friend, Sandra.

Lauren Moliterno, Senior Staff Member
James Wagner, Senior Staff Member

Humza Bashir, Fishbowl Improvisational Comedy Group
Matt Loxley, Fishbowl Improvisational Comedy Group

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Hareesh Menon, Staff Member, Fan Favorite
Lauren Moliterno, Senior Staff Member

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