The Sundial Podcast 2.0: Episode 7 – Holiday Edition


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Merry Non-Denominational Holiday!

It’s the holiday edition of your favorite rebooted podcast from a humor magazine named after an out-dated time-telling device! In this episode, hosts Lauren and James are joined by staff members Hareesh Menon and RG Barton, along with live studio audience member Sydney Lawson. Listen as they try to melt RG’s cold, holiday-less heart. Featuring: a special, surprise holiday guest and a brand-new segment: The Nick Cage!

Lauren Moliterno, Senior Staff Member
James Wagner, Senior Staff Member

Hareesh Menon, Staff Member
RG Barton, Staff Member

Audience Member/Craft Services:
Sydney Lawson

Theme songs by:
Phillip Sanderell, Staff Member

Image by:
RG Barton, Staff Member

Edited by:
Ryan Wires, Staff Member