The Sundial Podcast 2.0: Episode 6 – OUTv Cross-Over


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In the 6th episode, hosts Lauren and James invite Mitchell Dunbar and Michael Roche from Ohio Union Television’s podcast for a Sundial Podcast first- a cross-over episode! Listen as Lauren gets to talk about sports, James can’t think of a Star Wars character, Mike professes his love for Nic Cage, and Mitch leaves a special message for one of our staff members.

Here is your all-inclusive list of the hashtags mentioned in this episode: #SunUTV #NotYourFathers #BeeMovieNicCage #TwoPointOh #SundialPodcast #UnlimitedChurros #MMTheRapper #Ten #TenOuttaTen #Equidistant #AsHeadDownDo

And most importantly, vote on the shirt idea with #GoodShirt or #BadShirt

Lauren Moliterno, Senior Staff Member
James Wagner, Senior Staff Member

Mitchell Dunbar, Ohio Union Television President
Michael Roche, Ohio Union Television Treasurer

Theme song by:
Phillip Sanderell, Staff Member

Image by:
RG Barton, Staff Member

Edited by:
Ryan Wires, Staff Member