Movie Titles with One Letter Removed


• Jango Unchained – the D is the One Letter Removed.

• The Silence of the Labs – In a dystopian America that has rejected science, one brave chemist vows to recreate the experiments of the past.

• Requiem for a Ream – Chad Brunswick uses his roommate’s last piece of paper to print a passive-aggressive note about buying new paper, only to find that it was the last piece of paper on Earth.

• WALL∙ — from director Darren Aronofsky, two lovers sit on opposite sides of a wall, but there’s no hole in the wall and they don’t know the other is there and they aren’t in love.

• Fight Cub – A baby bear, rejected from his family, trains (via rad montage) to take on the Alpha

• Lack Swan – Farmer Dan’s farm was nearly perfect, all he needed was one spunky water fowl.

• Pup Fiction – Can Air Bud’s great-grandson win the Pulitzer Prize? Of course he can, haven’t you seen any of these movies? These dogs always win.

• Ill Bill – Cancer-stricken Bill decides to make the most of the remainder of his life. It’s just the Bucket List.

• Fining Nemo – Everyone’s favorite disable clownfish is issued a parking ticket.

• Argo – Wait, this was supposed to be a joke about Fargo how did this happen.

• Ago – No. Please. Stop.

• Go – Fuck.

• Eternal Sunshine of the Potless Mind – a D.A.R.E. production

• A Cockwork Orange – What if all the world’s fruit production hinged on one thing: dick jokes.

-Bri Forney, Senior Staff-Writer